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March 26, 2013


How to Promote Your Blog Through Social Media Sites Like Pinterest

Whether you want to increase traffic or increase sales in your blog, using social bookmarking sites like Kingged or even the big ones like Pinterest is a smart idea. The pinboards rank high in search engines and they are “do follow” links. Thus, this article lists some of the things you could do with Pinterest in order for you to promote your blog.

Adding of Pinterest button on your blog

Similar to Facebook’s “like” button, Pinterest button will enable your readers to bookmark your blog. This will be added to their virtual pinboard then. With this, you are able to promote your blog indirectly. In addition, you can also add a “Follow Me” button so that viewers and your blog followers can follow you on Pinterest.

Creating and pinning an interesting video

You can create an interesting video about anything and everything that would be of interest to your target viewers. If you are able to get their attention, then you can get them to visit your blog and follow you constantly. If your interest is Internet marketing, posting to Kingged Internet marketing social site should give you more specific results.

Allowing other users to pin to your boards

You can make use of a board that will enable interaction among many users. With their contributions which are manifested through comments and pins, you are making them feel that they are important part of your blog.

Creating a Pinterest RSS feed

This method is like hitting two birds with one stone. You can create your own RSS feed and have it shared on your blog, Facebook account or other sites. You do not just promote your site, but you also gain more Pinterest followers. It must be known that the more Pinterest followers or activities you have the greater chances of promoting your blog.

Creating targeted pinboards

The best way to effectively promote yourself and your blog in Pinterest is to create targeted pinboards. Through pinboards, you will be able to attract users who are interested in the topic you have posted. If you can capture the attention of your target viewers, then you will surely gain additional followers who will constantly interact with your pins.

Listed above are just five (5) of the many things you can do to promote your blog using Pinterest. However, it must be borne in mind that following these suggestions does not guarantee an overnight success for your blog. But with consistency and appropriate web techniques, you will achieve the number of visitors and followers you always wanted for your blog.

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